Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Spring 17 Its a Fine Balance

"Its a Fine Balance" our world... and this fashion knit trend takes inspiration from that. Honeycomb textures in stitch make referance to the bees. Fine linear stripes look to topography and landscape through mapping. Micro jacquards take influence from the interior of broken rocks or micro- biology and cells under the micro-scope. 3D printing has already begun to break into the high end of the industry, it may be some time before it is afforable enough for the mass market, however the publics awareness is already there. 3D texture and articultion may increasingly become prevalent on the high street.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Spring 17 Global Village

Global Village for Spring Summer 17. A knitwear trend that takes influence from every corner of the globe. This traveller chooses  to collect experience and memories rather than selfies and products. Her beach party vibe of layering pieces over swimwear influence our knits, fine transparent stripes, multicolurs in mini stripes and mixed gauges together with mixed textures. Tropical foliage prints are predicted these may be worked into knit collections as jacquards.  

Friday, 11 March 2016

Spring 17 Indigo Maritime

Spring 17 will promise to be truely blue. Working denim has had a huge influence and washed indigo tones influence colour and texture, as well as workwear detailing. The space dye and twist yarn cottons reflect the broken nature of denim and cotton twill. Mending has been a trend through the Autumn season and may continue into summer. Micro patterns and textures break up the monotony of colour. Adding opposites of orange and reds in unexpected stripes or mixes accents helps to keep this truely blue palette fresh.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Spring 17 Time for Calm Reflection

Knitwear trends for Spring Summer 17, a small snapshot of what I am working on, forecasting and designing for future upcoming seasons, with the highstreet in mind. A calm and reflective palette of soft colour, on a backdrop of neutral pale unisex grey and white.
Ribs are strong, knits follow wovens and take influence from pleating and folding. cables remain but become fashion basics. 3D printing influences high end designers such as Pringle of scotland who have begun to use this technique, how the high street responds is through texture.